Some very warm hello’s

At the start of the quarantine period, I thought it’d actually be a good time for me to work on things that I’ve always wanted to. It made sense, diba? Biglang ang daming time, so why not be productive? (It IS the logical thing to do.) Every morning, I’d wake up and I’d think, “Okay, today I’ll fix my website.” Other days I’d say, “Kailangan ko mag-blog! Sayang oras.”

Well, I didn’t really get down to the blogging part—until today. And I’m quite good with that already, because honestly, we’re not working from home. We are all working AT home, trying to work in the middle of a crisis. A crisis like no other, even. And I will sound like a broken record when I say that we all have to be a lot kinder to ourselves, for we all are faced so much uncertainties, and there’s a hundred and one ways that we’re all trying to deal with it. It’s tough for everyone, and there’s no need to add to the stress by being too hard on yourself for not being not that productive.

The “to each his own” approach to dealing with changes and stress is now more apparent than ever, and I guess even if our methods of coping are different, we’re just all trying to achieve the same thing: to hang in there. I’ve been holding more live sessions on Instagram and Facebook lately to feign human interaction and I’ve gotten down to making more worksheets. (FINALLY!) One of the things that I have planned for this site is for it the host of my worksheets, both free and paid. The feedback I’ve gotten from my worksheets have all been heart-warming, and it makes my creative wannabe heart happy, knowing that there are people who actually use the cursive handwriting worksheets that I make. (Thank you!)

Brush calligraphy worksheets are next on my list, so get ready for that! (Wow, akala mo naman may fans hahaha.)

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